Website Advertising Prepaid Legal Services

In Advisory Opinion #14-04961, the Statewide Grievance Committee considered whether a website that offered prepaid legal services for car accident victims complied with the Rules of Professional Conduct. The advertisement offered an annual membership of $100, or $200 for a family, for which the member would receive legal services if they became a car accident victim in Connecticut. The member would pay no additional legal fees. The attorney seeking the opinion would not provide representation for members, but would contract with and hire other attorneys based on their experience. The website also explicitly stated that the company “revolutionizes” prepaid legal services and car insurance.

The Committee concluded that the lack of information about how and by whom members would be represented was misleading and in violation of Rule 7.1. In addition, the absence of sufficient information on the website to substantiate the claim that this “revolutionizes” prepaid legal services was also misleading.