Sept.1, 2014 – Several Amendments To The Appellate Rules Go Into Effect

On September 1, 2014, several amendments to the appellate rules go into effect.  The most significant is a change to Practice Book § 67-2 will require that briefs and appendices filed in both the Supreme and Appellate Courts by counsel be filed electronically prior to filing the paper copies with copies served electronically.  If the brief and appendices contained sealed information, redacted versions should be filed electronically. The paper filing must include the confirmation of electronic filing.

Previously, only briefs to the Supreme Court had to be filed electronically within a reasonable time after the paper filing.  Practitioners will need to plan accordingly so that they don’t get tripped up by technology at the last minute. As before, self-represented parties will not be required to file electronically.

For the luddites in the crowd, the court offers an olive branch in the form of reducing the number of paper copies to 15 in the Supreme Court and 10 in the Appellate Court.  Appendices can be double sided once again.  Whether that change reflects a desire to save trees or lug less paper around is not disclosed by the commentary.

The other changes require papers rejected for technical defects to be refiled within fifteen days, Practice Book § 62-7, and modification to the procedure to see fee waivers to conform to the statute, Practice Book § 63-6.

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