Since its inception in 1976, attorneys from Horton, Shields & Knox, P.C. have been litigating trial cases in Connecticut State and Federal Courts. Our trial litigation practice includes representation of defendants in personal injury and premises liability matters, product liability claims and wrongful death claims. We are hired by individuals, insurers and claims adjusting firms. We also represent plaintiffs in personal injury matters, wrongful death actions and bad faith claims. At Horton, Shields & Knox, we offer a team approach, providing clients with a comprehensive defense that covers every step of the legal process from pretrial matters through discovery and settlement negotiations, all the way to trial, post judgment motions, and any possible appeals.


Our attorneys author publications such as The Connecticut Practice Book, Annotated and The Connecticut Rules of Appellate Procedure. Attorneys Kimberly Knox and Karen Dowd both have served as Chairs of the CBA Litigation Section, and Attorney Knox is the┬ápast President of the Connecticut Bar Association. Attorney Robert Shields Jr. has worked with the judicial system as an arbitrator and mediator for years. Attorney Shields’ considerable experience and perspective is helpful in assessing and preparing cases for amicable resolutions. If the case goes to trial, our litigators are prepared for the factual and legal aspects of the case.

Hiring Horton, Shields & Knox as your trial litigation counsel ensures that you will be prepared for any legal challenge that may arise in your case from pre-trial discovery through a petition for certification to the Connecticut Supreme Court.

Insurance Litigation

Insurance law is equal parts litigation and legal analysis.The trial and appellate litigation experience of Horton, Shields and Knox is well- suited to the complex legal analyses needed in insurance litigation where a thorough understanding of the nuances of the law is essential. At Horton, Shields & Knox, we have contributed to the body of law in the area of insurance coverage and bad faith. Our experience as litigators at the trial and appellate levels help us to protect and advance your interests. Our knowledge of the industry from both the corporate and policyholder perspective allows us to also deal with questions concerning claim handling and bad faith insurance practices.


The firm focuses its insurance practice on litigation and interpretation of all lines of insurance policies and related contracts. The firm represents insurers in complex litigation matters and provides coverage opinions, analysis and litigation services.

Insurance cases demand a flexible law firm that is informed, experienced, and reliable. The attorneys of Horton, Shields & Knox provide the kind of legal advice that can prepare your case for its best possible presentation.