Client specific rules: Week 4

4. COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR CLIENTS. One quarter of grievances relate to communication issues. So do it. We don’t care if you do it by phone, letter, email, text, or in person, just do it. And you don’t need to answer emails at 4 a.m., unless you have agreed to do so. But you do have to respond in a reasonable fashion – 24 hours is a good rule of thumb during the work week. And don’t just wait to hear from them – contact them when there is something to discuss, or if you haven’t heard from them in a while. Let your clients know if you will be unavailable and, if possible, give them someone else to talk to if they can’t reach you. Keep your written communications, including electronic ones. And keep track of phone calls, at least substantive ones, in any way that works for you so long as you are consistent. But communicate!!!!

Tune in next week for Rule #4A