Horton, Shields & Knox is a firm with 40 years of experience in serving our clients’ appellate needs. The firm consists of a team of legal scholars, each of whom regularly handles appeals, who have shaped the law in Connecticut.


The firm has been handling ethics related matters for over 30 years, including representation of attorneys in grievance proceedings, consultation with attorneys and firms about ethics issues and expert witness testimony.


In addition to our appellate and ethics work, we are also trial litigators committed to zealously advocating for our clients in both state and federal courts in Connecticut.


As legal scholars and active contributors to the body of law, members of the firm annually co-author The Connecticut Practice Book Annotated, Superior Court Rules. Attorneys Horton and Bartschi annually annotate the Connecticut Rules of Appellate Procedure, which has been cited by Connecticut appellate courts. Attorneys Levesque and Hrelic annotate the Connecticut Practice Book Annotated Juvenile Law. Attorneys Dowd and Levesque co- authored Connecticut Insurance Law. Attorneys Horton and Bartschi annually author an appellate review for the Connecticut Bar Journal, while Attorney Levesque annually co-authors a review of professional ethics matters.


Our attorneys are frequent speakers on appellate practice and developments and professional ethics.