A few years ago…

A few years ago, back when we had a newsletter, I wrote about my ride home and a spot along 189 where the drivers form two lines where only one lane exists to allow those turning left to get the turn light. There is no requirement for this courtesy, nor is there any compensation for it. Rather, it is a simple courtesy extended by strangers traveling the same path.

The reason I wrote on this then, and the reason I bring it up again, is as a reminder for the need for such courtesy in the practice of law. The extension of civility between advocates seems abhorrent to some. Yet, it can be of value to either the practitioner or the client. But even if not, the provision of small courtesies makes the practice less stressful, less draining and more fulfilling. Yes, there are issues to be argued, disagreements to be had, but how we handle those matters speaks volumes about ourselves. Simply stated, the inclusion of civility during those disputes will not detract from your arguments (unless that’s all there is to your argument).

Karen L. Dowd